Virtual Accessibility Solutions for your Deaf Students.


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Introducing CirrusLink

The all-in-one solution you've always wanted.

Cirrus Approach to VRI

1. Consultation
We learn about the needs of your district, students, and available technologies. From there, our team creates a custom plan to seamlessly integrate virtual interpreters into the classroom.

2. Implementation
Our team works with your IT department to implement our platform onto your students district provided laptop, tablet, or Chromebook.

3. Access
All year you will have our one-touch VRI solution in place. It’s easy to schedule interpreters, easy to use, and available on-demand.

What Makes Cirrus’ Interpreters Unique?

Cirrus’ interpreters receive specialized training, specifically designed to prepare them for interpreting in educational settings. This training equips them with the skills and knowledge necessary to accurately and efficiently interpret complex subject matter, such as scientific concepts, mathematical equations, and literary texts. Our interpreters work closely with educators to facilitate communication and ensure that students have a comprehensive understanding of the material being presented. By creating an inclusive learning environment, our interpreters help to build a foundation for academic success and personal growth for all students.

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